The More Kingdom of Heaven Experiences in the Here and Now, the Smarter We Become

The More Kingdom of Heaven Experiences in the Here and Now the Smarter We Become

Experiencing multiple bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven produces residual effects in people. One of those is this aspect of insight. The more of the Kingdom of Heaven we experience in the here and now, the smarter we become. It could be measured on an emotional quotient (EQ) scale used by mental health communities—the more experiences people have, the healthier they become emotionally.

Hindsight is twenty-twenty, so the saying goes. Seems like reviewing life always gives us the opportunity to see what all of our options were in a given set of circumstances. That review can give us a vision of what might have been.

One of my favorite activities is to play chess against the computer. After every match, there is a pesky button that, when pressed, will reveal all the moves of the previous game. With 20/20 hindsight and artificial intelligence, the button reveals in glorious detail all the moves I made and what moves would have been better—Checkmate every time! What if we could go through life with such a 20/20 hindsight that was foresight instead? Some might call that insight. I propose that insight is a residual effect of experiencing bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven.

I believe that working within the Kingdom of Heaven has given me insight into how to live in the here and now more effectively. I have an academic background, with three post-grad degrees in business, economics, and finance; but it has been my experiences with the Kingdom of Heaven that has made me more intellectually capable.

Having diplomas doesn’t make a person smarter. It does, however, plow the ground for the seeds of insight and wisdom to be planted. I wrote my last thesis on economic development and how it can be used to move third world countries into the second world. I wanted to provide economic progress in such a way that all levels of the marketplace, from the refugee encampments all the way to the executive boardrooms and houses of parliament, could experience economic progress. I called the paper Deep Development.

I got a “C” from the professor because I didn’t quote my references and resources. Meeting afterward, I asked her about the grade. She commented while my ideas on development were exceptional and though she had never before seen them established in such a way, I needed to reference my sources. I pointed to my head and my heart and asked, “How do I put these as footnotes on the paper?” Mouth ajar, she said, “Deep Development is original thought?” I told her it was a result of encountering multiple bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth. Not really caring about the grade, I asked, “Can you see this concept of Deep Development being deployed anywhere in the world?” She told me it would take a Nelson Mandela type character to make this kind of economic and financial architecture possible—she would know as she consults with the United Nations. Alas, this is not Heaven!

I live in the world of economics and finance. Where do you live? How are you being prepared for the seeds of Kingdom wisdom to be sown? Ask the Lord for insight and Solomon-like wisdom. You will be amazed at the results!


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