The Kingdom of Heaven Served in an Ice-Cream Cone

There are very few people in my life that I experience a bubble of Heaven with every time we are together. I am so pleased to share with you about two such people: Wes and Beth. Every time I meet with them, a bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven comes too.

Wes wanted to minister to young people all his life. He went to school to become a youth pastor, meaning he would work inside a church and take care of the young people as their parents went to services. But Wes didn’t believe the Kingdom of Heaven was limited to just churches. Wes wanted to interact with all kinds of different young people, not just church-goers.

Instead of a church, Wes scraped together sufficient resources and purchased the smallest franchise of a national ice cream chain within their system. It put him in the position to minister to young people as an employer and as a businessman. Wes was on his way, but then Beth got in a traffic accident, ending her career as a pediatric registered nurse at Denver’s Children’s Hospital. As an investment advisor, my company helped with the settlement and designed a plan to replace her income. Part of that design was to up-size their franchise—to include a better location close to a middle school and allow for greater staffing to expand their “ministry” to youth.

Wes and Beth’s ministry was being divinely shaped. Even when their son, Ian contracted cancer and sovereignly ascended to Heaven, Wes and Beth found a deeper opportunity to reach young people struggling like Ian; accelerating their ministry to young people as a result. Now, you would think that people who encounter bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven frequently would be able to summon miracles for children such as Ian. We prayed and prayed for healing and restoration of Wes and Beth’s son, to no avail according to the will of God. We don’t always have to understand how God works, we just have to trust that He will use whatever circumstance for His glory. The young people surrounding Wes and Beth during that challenging time received an up close and personal view of the Kingdom of Heaven—as did Elaine and myself.

Over time, the “ministry” to kids through ownership of an ice cream store became more than Wes and Beth could manage. You see, Wes also has Parkinson’s disease. In spite of all of the new medications, his condition continues to progress, making it harder to execute his work.

Now, you would also think that people who encounter bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven regularly would operate in peak health; but again, sometimes we just do not understand how God works. Do we pray together? Every time I am with them! Does the Kingdom of Heaven surround them? Yes, every time! Yet, Wes and Beth are not restored to complete health. I do not know what the Father has planned for them, I just love and care for them as best I can.

A trained youth pastor executes his calling of caring for young people by owning a business that serves a youth market. Sounds like a Kingdom of Heaven kind of life to me.

So, what about you and your life in the world of commerce and industry? Have you discovered your calling? Perhaps that discovery is contained inside one of the bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven we have been writing about. The Kingdom of Heaven is closer than we think!

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