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The Body of Christ Realized Breaking Cultural Norms: Cultural norms created to divide must be demolished

Steven Musick Teachings BarbMeet Barb. This woman is the most iconic mother/grandmother figure. She has been a client of my professional business for more than 35 years, and she has been my spiritual mother for almost the same amount of time. We have a very special soul connection, and while she is not my biological mother, she is frankly more of a mom to me than my biological mother ever was. Remember, I was raised in a home punctuated with violence and vacancy. My mother led her life in anger and depression. She did the very best she could, but her life led her consistently into dark places. With no nurturing or support to speak of, I did not know who I was nor what I was supposed to do on this earth until 1986 when I turned 30 years old.

I was visiting Barb in her home to review some financial work we were doing for her. We finished up the financial review and moved on to other topics. Barb told me about a recent visit she made to her daughter’s office. Barb is a patient at the Wellness Clinic where her daughter works. During this particular visit, Barb brought with her a hand-made winter scarf for her daughter. She gave the scarf to her daughter and chatted with the office staff as she made her next appointment before leaving to beat the evening rush hour traffic. She kissed her daughter and waved goodbye to the rest of the staff. Barb continued, sharing that later that day her daughter called to tell about the reaction one of her co-workers had after Barb left that day. Apparently, as Barb was leaving, one of the new employees commented to Barb’s daughter, “I just love your mother! I sure wish she could be my mother and I could be a part of your family.”

As I listened to the story being told, I noticed my soul shift from a financial adviser serving a client to an ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven. I suggested the next time Barb went to her daughter’s office with goodies, she should seek out the young new employee, embrace her as one of her own, and exclaim, “You’re welcome into my family anytime, but you are even more welcome to become a daughter in a much larger family. We welcome you into the family of God!” Barb agreed, this was exactly the welcome she wanted to extend.

As children of God, we long for deep, soulful connections. The same kind of connection I have enjoyed with Barb. In the Kingdom of Heaven, our family is not limited by culture or background. Jesus said, “those who do the will of my Father in Heaven are my real family” (Matt 12:46-50). We are all children of Christ!

Can you envision a bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven surrounding that young woman the next time Barb and her goodies arrive at the office? It makes me smile inside to know that breaking with cultural traditions can sometimes create a new and truer family.
Who is in your family? Is God inviting you to become part of His family?


  • This is a beautiful story about one very special woman. Thank you for sharing your story about Barb. I too love this woman so very much. Her love and compassion touches and impacts all those that she meets. God’s light shines brightly in this remarkable lady and she shares his light with everyone.
    I am so blessed to know her and call her my friend. But she is so much more than that to myself and others.

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