The BIG Why

Steven Musick Teachings Big WhyTake a tour through the latest and greatest textbook, novel, film, or play and you will likely find a section or even an entire conclusion on “the Big Why.” Every story has a moral, and so does every life. Since I started teaching about the Kingdom of Heaven in 2011, I have gotten this big why question more than any other. In my experience, the answer is two-fold. There is the desire to return Home, and there is the desire to see lives changed by encountering the Father here on earth.

One of life’s struggles for me is the visceral desire to return Home. Not my childhood home in Denver, Colorado, but to Heaven—where my soul calls Home. Because we have the Spirit of God inside of us, we can all spiritually recognize the environment of our true Home, Heaven. For those of us who have ascended yet not been allowed to stay, the sense is intensified. We were given a taste of what is to come. That is why, for me, each bubble of Heaven in the here and now carries with it the sweet sense of Home. I wrote in the book, Life After Heaven that bubbles seemed to come at the perfect time; like a gas station showing up just as you’re about to run out of gas. It is as if the orchestration of these bubbles of Heaven is mostly for personal benefit.

This way of thinking is very much against cultural norms: the thought that helping others is actually how we help ourselves. It is one of the paradoxes of Heaven: leadership through service. Hosting bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven is the ultimate way to serve others. The Kingdom of Heaven is accessible to everyone. Unlike our current culture, there are no hoops to jump through, no forms to fill out, no physical requirements to meet. The Kingdom of Heaven is much closer than we think, and EVERYONE can experience it.

Earlier this year I made a presentation at a retreat center. It was a wonderful time of connection and presence of the Kingdom of Heaven. As I spoke afterward with the curators of the center, we talked at length about how riveting and tangible the presence of the Kingdom was in that place. The curators also had a special sense about them. I asked them the big Why questions about how they came to be the way they were. Their responses took me back. They said they operate in quiet tranquility with the Spirit of the Lord, preferring that He receive all the accolades. They said they desired to be simple conduits of God’s grace to others, understanding their holy need for connection. Imagine that attitude in today’s culture; that is the Kingdom on earth.

Their attitude reminded me of how I would spend time with my grandfather when I was little. I would sit on the floor, looking up at my grandfather in his Womb Room chair, just soaking in whatever knowledge and love he had to share. Bubbles can be hosted in just such postures.

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