Surrender in a Single Stroke


Surrender in a Single Stroke
Art by Jake Weidmann

I hope everyone has experienced that moment when standing in front of a piece of art for the first time and having a gasp escape from your soul.

This particular piece of art is from the gallery of Jake Weidmann. He is an artist and Master Penman who lives in Littleton, Colorado.

The visceral gasp Elaine and I get from viewing his most recent work comes every time we look upon it. We have these emotions when reviewing any of Jake’s works; whether it is a single stroke ink piece, like the one above, or a painting like the one below. The pure emotion of his artwork evokes something within us.

We are collectors of his art and his life. We get number three of every limited edition. His work appears in my commercial offices and adorns our home. So why does it evoke such emotion each time we look at the works of his hands? It is because we know the man.

A few years back, my wife and I asked Jake if he would do an original painting for our home that would depict the very nature of us and

Art by Jake Weidmann

the motivation for our lives. For the better part of a day, he simply sat in our living room, sipping coffee and working with a sketch pad. Through his process and creative genius, he eventually presented us with the piece below, which he called, “Transformation.”

When we asked Jake how he arrived at that image for our home, he began to tell us about his unique process. He said he is gifted by the Father to be an artist and Master Penman. He understands there is a giver, so everything he produces is his gift back to the Father. We as consumers are the beneficiaries of one person wholeheartedly serving the Triune God.

Do you feel a tingle right now as you read this? Welcome to a bubble of Heaven, created through one man’s surrender to his Holy Father. As we experience that awe and gasp at what he produces, knowing the source of his gift and talent makes it even more compelling. My hope for you is that you let that emotion ignite a bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven within you.

Art by Jake Weidmann

We never expect the emotional impact of Jake’s work. We do, however, anticipate and welcome the interception of our lives every time Jake reveals another Spirit-led masterpiece.

One day I hope you will get to meet Jake; to become a consumer of this wonderful man and his wonderful gift. His best art is still inside of him; which is a huge statement considering what he has already created at such a young age.

I invite you to review the rest of Jake’s works on his website:


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