Sometimes The Kingdom of Heaven is Hiding in Plain Sight

Sometimes The Kingdom of Heaven is Hiding in Plain Sight

Can you imagine going to Heaven, having to come back, and then having to try and make sense of what you’ve experienced? When I came back from Heaven I didn’t know what to think. In an attempt to understand why I was still here and not a continuing resident of Heaven, I could only turn to God’s words in the Bible. All of my spiritual studies have a practical focus to understand deep spiritual truth and realities. So, after my encounter, I reviewed the Book of Matthew. He wrote about the Kingdom fifty-four times according to the NIV translation.

Having been to Heaven and not been allowed to stay gives me an experiential advantage. I see the world through Kingdom bifocals. On one side is the real, rational world in which I live and breathe, catch fish, and watch television. The other side is the Kingdom of Heaven. Sometimes the Kingdom of Heaven is hiding in plain sight.

I am forever anticipating the merger of the two visions into one—and I am encouraging you all to be alert and anticipate experiences of the Kingdom of Heaven. Occasionally, the Kingdom of Heaven ignites and the rational world takes a decidedly back seat. The rational world takes a back seat to the authority of the Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a permanent, physical, or geopolitical place. However, occasionally it is expressed and experienced for a moment in time. For those of us included in those “moments,” the trajectory of life changes course—toward a deeper relationship with the triune God.

The gospel of John quotes Jesus as He’s talking to Pontius Pilot before His crucifixion saying, “My Kingdom is not of this world.” Huh? That can’t be right! Before Jesus’ crucifixion, The Kingdom of Heaven was not on Earth. But after His resurrection, with the sending of the Holy Spirit to work through us, the Kingdom of Heaven began to continually advance, leading to the day when Jesus will return to complete the plan. I have no idea when that will happen, I just know it will occur one day. Until then, this task of anticipating the Kingdom of Heaven moment by moment, bubble by bubble, is a life-changing opportunity!


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