Since Time Doesn’t Exist in Heaven How Should We Approach the Here and Now?

Since Time Doesn't Exist in Heaven How Should We Approach the Here and Now? image

I just finished watching the new feature film Collateral Beauty. The entire film is a conduit metaphor for the Kingdom of Heaven being experienced here on earth through one man. I had to watch it twice to catch all the symbolism.

One of the main elements discussed in the film was time. It was a treatment of time from the perspective we never seem to have enough of it and are, therefore, rushing around trying to fill up our lives with meaningful activities presented to us by our culture. In your life today, I’d like to encourage you to, instead of living the way the world would have you, take a peaceful pause and view time not as a constant omnipresent taskmaster, but rather as a tool and a resource.

Since time doesn’t exist in Heaven, then perhaps we should rethink what it means here on earth and how we should approach the entire idea in the here and now. It clearly is a permanent construct: we all have the same number of hours each day, days in each week, and weeks in a month.
I spent three hours watching baseball yesterday, I spent two hours playing tennis, I spent two hours grocery shopping, I slept soundly for seven hours, etc. I also invested an hour with my youngest son. When we are together time stands still. The minutes evaporate. Have you ever had one of those moments in your life when time seemed to compress? Perhaps you experienced a bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven within those moments.

Invest some time now and think about a moment when time seemed irrelevant. The Kingdom of Heaven is closer than we think, and everyone can access it, and should, repeatedly.


  • These thoughts are interesting, and time is such an issue for everyone. Where can I find this feature film, Collateral Beauty?

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