Why Your Quiet Time With the Father is Important

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By making it a priority to spend quiet time with the Father, the Holy Spirit will guide you in your everyday life. Hear how the Holy Spirit prevented Steven from making what would have been the biggest mistake of his professional career.


  • That speech was inspiring. I have found (in hindsight) that some of the things I wanted for our business, aren’t what is best for our little company, even though I didn’t know that at the time. Like you, I have questioned the circumstances or outcomes of those ventures. Sometimes we inch ahead, only to fall abruptly backwards. During those fall’s, God seems to somehow keep things stable as we struggle to learn and grow. Thank You,

    • Hindsight is always 20/20! Just practicing daily time with the Lord and His word will drastically change how in-tune you can be with Him throughout the day! It just takes practice and discipline. God always works it for good.

  • Earn 💕 God 💕 not money. You can not earn both. 💕 God 💕 provides what needs for living. Keep faith strong, strong, strong.

    • The best part, Thérése, is that God’s love is freely given; needing only to be accepted not earned! But you’re right, the heart can only serve one master, not two. We must actively chose to follow Christ!

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