Put Out The Welcome Mat

Put Out The Welcome Mat - Top Selling Christian Author Steven Musick

The long weekend invitation would be the first vacation Tom and Cheryl had in 32 years.  We had a great opportunity to speak into the lives of two people dedicated to the Kingdom of Heaven. But a true relationship is never a one-way street. We were blessed just as much by Tom and Cheryl as they were by us.  And they likely do not even know how deeply their life-giving words registered.

In the thank you note they sent afterward, they talked about how they looked forward to their next visit and diving even deeper with us. In a few weeks, they will return to Colorado for a long weekend to seal the work started and create a roadmap for how to live life as one who has ascended to Heaven and touched the face of God, only to return to live in the here and now as a part of the community of God.  Tom and Cheryl have a new lease on life and with it, new marching orders. We will open the orders together, anticipating more bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven as we journey…

Tom and Cheryl don’t even know this, but they, in fact, are an answer to one of my most earnest prayers:

“Lord, send me people You have called to this work.  These are people who embrace the idea that Your Kingdom is close and available for a culture needing it. People who want to serve You by bringing it into reality.”

I anticipate that some of these people are reading this blog right now, feeling something within them; a bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven perhaps?  Amen!

Sometimes the simplest way to host bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven is through a simple act of hospitality.  Our home is called “The Way Station.” Our welcome mat is always out to people in need of rest, renewal, and recreation.  

How can you better create an atmosphere of hospitality within your spaces?  If you did, do you think the Father may come and occupy the created space? Do you think you could anticipate bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven as you do?  Changing lives is the most exciting activity to engage in within in the here and now. Do you think it’s possible to change a life, even your own?


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  • I’m so glad you’ve found kindred spirits as you walk your beautiful path. Mysticism, whatever form it takes and however arrived at, can be a lonesome road at times. I look forward to reading how this friendship multiplies your work.

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