Living Life in 3-D

Living Life in 3-D - Christian Author Steven Musick

I have written previously on the small word difference between “expect” and “anticipate.”  It is the principle of anticipating bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven all the time while being comfortable with waiting for the orchestration of life to bring them about.  

Years ago, while on a Disney attraction, my family experienced 3D cinema for the first time.  We were given special eyeglasses to wear while we were “reduced in size,” to that of a mouse with a snake set loose in the room.  The essence of 3D experience was actually putting us inside the action and not simply watching in a “regular” theater. It was so real, my youngest son, Aaron squealed as the snake lunged at the screen.  How times have changed.

Hosting bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven is like living life in 3D.  We squeal now, knowing that this is living life to the full.

A couple of weeks ago, a member of our church asked for a Starbucks meeting.  I always take meetings from my home fellowship. I met with this wonderful young man working hard to live a 3D life surrendered to Christ.  At the same time, he is trying to lead a household of six, a daunting task. As I sat sipping coffee and digesting our conversation, I couldn’t get past the strong sense of his wife, whom I know casually as a fellow church member.

Yesterday at church I saw them across the sanctuary taking up their usual station.  They always sit in the right front rows while my wife and I sit in the left middle. It is like we carve out sacred spaces to sit each week within the sacred space of the sanctuary.  I found myself full of unusual compassion for the family, the wife in particular.

The sermon that day was from Matthew when Jesus showed compassion to the group of people assembled to listen to His teaching.  Strange coincidence? Maybe. But at the end of the service, I walked up the delightful young couple to visit for a bit.

I stepped forward and addressed the wife, “The other day when I was meeting with your husband, I continued to receive a steady dose of you and your soul through him.  I could feel that you are a great loving wife, you are a fabulous mother and caretaker of your household, you are the permanent connection to complete your husband just as he completes you as well.  Don’t let anyone or anything ever tell you different.”

A bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven arrived, bringing tears and a divine confirmation of the Truth of God’s word we were just learning about in Matthew 15.  This was like taking the 2D words from the Bible and making them 3D by introducing the Kingdom of Heaven in the form of a bubble.

The short Bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven popped.  I stepped forward, giving the woman with a small sleeping child in her arms a holy kiss on the cheek.  Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven. I am fully aware of what our culture says about women who are dedicated to housing and home life.  “Oh, you are just a stay-at-home mom;” with a condescending connotation that their life choices are way out of step with current culture.

Living life in 3D instead of 2D doesn’t mean we put on goofy glasses and watch special films in theaters.  Living 3D is living in the compassion of Jesus which is what He instructed, encouraged, and modeled.

So how can you live a 3D life?  Can you put out the welcome mat and be inviting; anticipating bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven to arrive in your spaces?

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