Heaven is Also in The Here and Now and Accessible to Everyone

Heaven is Also in The Here and- Now and Accessible to Everyone

Heaven is a real place. I used to think of it as place our souls go to after we are done using our Earth suits-of-flesh here. But now I know that Heaven is also in the here and now, and accessible to everyone.

Medical science has come a long way. Many more people will live through what would have been terminal events just a few years ago. In my case, forty years ago, had I not been in the emergency department of Great Lakes Naval Hospital when I had my “event,” I probably would not be sitting here writing this. Immediate trauma medical care likely saved my life.

Many more people have had experiences similar to mine—their souls were transported to Heaven while their bodies remained here, only to have their soul reunited with their flesh here on Earth. This blog is written for those people.

Trying to live out life in the here and now after having been in Heaven is a difficult road to travel. I would know, I have forty years of experience. I have dedicated several blog posts to near-death experiences, in order to create a guide for people to reinterpret their purpose here on Earth.

After my great experience in “that place,” coming back to the real world was a stark, almost violent, contrast. Compared to Heaven, this is the land of bland; building an omnipresent urge to return to Heaven. Life in the here and now just doesn’t satisfy. The most dramatic, exciting events here pale in comparison to what it’s like there. So, what are we to do now? —That is the questions for those of us who have shared in near-death experiences.

As a Christian, I retreated into my spiritual roots, trusting in the sovereignty of the Father God.

Artist and Master Penman, Jake Weidmann

Below is a reprint image from the gallery of Artist and Master Penman, Jake Weidmann—you can see other works of his at jakeweidmann.com.

This image was created on a park bench across the street from Sandy Hook Elementary School, located in Newtown, Connecticut after a gunman killed 20 children and eight adults in December 2012. In response to the terrible event, Jake sat on that bench asking the Father what He was doing in New Town on that fateful day. Jake found his inspiration from Jesus himself, in Matthew 10:24, where He states that not a sparrow falls to the ground apart from His notice.

If the Father of all notices sparrows falling, then He is also sovereign over His children falling—even innocent ones in elementary school. I know those 20 children are forever in Heaven, experiencing what it is to have pure joy. And I know from experiencing heaven, they would not want to return here.

We who have experienced Heaven have had that experience for a reason, a very sovereign reason. Discovering the reason we are still alive is the mission of our lives. These pages will help those people to make sense of why they are still here. The Father has a purpose in all this, and perhaps together we can find it.


  • Beautiful observations Steven. I can truly relate because of my Angel experience at Porter Adventist Hospital in 2004 and I also cannot wait to leave this Earth behind. Of course, I am still hopeful to discover what the Lord has in mind regarding my purpose here. I will continue to pray for his guidance.

    • Hello Paul. Thank you for the comment, and thank you for sharing part of your story! As I quoted at the beginning of my book, “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why” -Mark Twain. I share more about how I found my purpose in my book and will share even more throughout my blog posts, so be sure to follow along and continue to share your experiences!

  • Fascinating…. You have been given a unique gift and experience. I am not sure I understand about Heaven being here on earth and how we can access it.

    Understand or not, I believe that these events occur, and I am constantly searching for the divine in this world.

    May God Bless You Always,


    • Hi Margaret! Thank you for your comment. My book goes into more detail about my experiences; you can find the link to buy it under “the book” tab. I will also have several more blogs about bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven, so follow along and continue to share your experiences!

    • I too have been to heaven and returned. It’s taken me years to figure out that same question. The answer is, read scripture daily. It doesn’t have to be a lot but each day read at least one paragraph. In time you will see heaven here. You will be able to see Gods direction in your life. Jesus will give you the strength you need if you ask. The Holy Spirit is right along side of you now. Guiding, educating. Trust, share, ask and you will see heaven is here too.

  • You know Steven, sometimes I feel that the Irish have it right with respect to the Wakes that they have for people who have recently died. They make it a happy event, celebrating that person’s life. In light of our experiences, we know what a wonderful place Heaven is and the experience of the Father and Son’s love, and cannot wait to experience it again.

  • Thank you for this article. It’s so easy to forget that we are most of all spirit, that we have a soul, and that we live in a body. Everything we see, Touch, taste and feel came from things that we cannot see. It is a great gift to have been able to have visited heaven. I think the most important lesson is to Try to bring as many as we can with us. God bless

    • Thank you, Linda
      The spiritual world is very often overlooked, but it is crucial to how the Father communicates with us. To love God and love others is our mandate, and I believe when we love others well it leads to transformation of the spirit.

  • Yes heaven has come down it is with us…access it !!
    God wouldn’t of written it in the Word if it were not so !!
    Many signs and miracles are among us today and until the new heaven has been created later here or paradise- it’s about tapping into the Creator and allowing the Word to transform you into a new creature in Christ this will access the Holy Spirit to dwell within one’s self, and this is where the power comes into one’s self ..
    And the Word of God gives you life instructions how to use it and this is where miracles and heaven within begins ….
    Without these vital necessities, Salvation and being whole inside and out is impossible!
    But both God’s peace and God’s rest is available to all, if they just read , believe, and then they’ll see ..Amen
    This was beautiful thank you for sharing..
    God bless…
    For now its time for believers to prepare the rapture is coming and soul’s are in need of salvation still Amen
    Our Redemption draws neigh!

  • I d8ed in 1971. It wasnot near death as they say I was dead 12 minutes Out of blood heartstopped from a car crash I was given a choice from the timeless spaceles place. Stay here or go back to help others. I kinda wanted to stay. But Icame back. Drs refilled me jumpstarted my heart. I kinda denied it for years. Then about 15 yrsago during a yoga class meditation I accped it. I was always nice to people but since then Im way beyond nice. I take in homeless i have room. I have a great son. People yake advantage of me but thats ok. Im here to love and teach love. Byexample Mom died years ago she always loved all.
    My dad will pass soon Almost died last year from a tick bite. Symptoms still lingering. There is no cure
    I found treatments and I share with all I possibly can. I spend hours and hours on line sharing info. I have reached many thousands. Thought about checking out many times to end the pain. I have to walk w a stick got a limp. Vertigo comes back once in a while Fall down wake up on floor w another concussion.
    So much fun. Bloody head big bumps. Thats near death. So I soldier on
    I have broken my neck 3 times and manybones. Spine a wreck. I used to play hard. Yoga helps. Meditation helps Sometimes pain is unbearable. I play music
    Invent music things make crazy cool art things
    Lost my living biz due to lyme. I hate money but dont want to be homeless.
    So I cantwait to go back. Something will kill me sooner or later. Thats my story
    It aint over yet
    God bless you all🙏☮️💜💚💜🕉

  • I found this so very interesting. I have always believed there is a heaven, the better place. However, I think we must earn the right to be accepted into heaven. I am a Christian and was raised by my Mother to be a Christian. I know I have done some things wrong, no criminal, but my Mother would have been disappointed in me. That thought always brings me back to how I was raised.

    • Jo Ann, there most certainly is a Heaven, but you do not have to earn your acceptance. Throughout scripture it is confirmed that works do not equal salvation, rather it is, “whoever lives by believing in [Christ] will never die” (John 11:26). {Other references can be found in John 3, John 5, and John 14} This means that when we truly believe in God’s salvation and sacrifice for us we will be saved. It is true that belief will naturally lead to good works. Once we know of the greatest gift ever given, it is impossible for us not to want to share it. Jesus has already forgiven all of our sins. As long as we continue to strive to live for Him, we will see the fruition of His Kingdom here on earth.

  • Great article
    I am a 16 year cancer survivor and on my darkest day ( feeding tube , couldn’t swallow , lost so much weight , chemo , radiation had decimated my physical body and taken my spirit to a never before low place ) I prayed a combined prayer of “ take me home Lord , to please let me stay and grow old with my wife and see my children grow )
    Obviously I survived and went on a search from whyGod to what God ?
    I ended up finding my answer in 2 Corinthians 1:3-5
    Comforted in the pain in order to comfort others with the same comfort I received !
    Although I suffer daily with dry mouth , swallowing issues, etc I would not go back to my pre-cancer life if I had to trade in the incredible God gifted empathy and compassion I have for suffering people in the present time God has given me here on earth .

    • Praise God for you and your story Ken! I had often found comfort in that passage along with Romans 5:3-5 when I was so sick after returning from Heaven. What a beautiful outlook! Your healing and continued impact are in my prayers. Blessings to you!

  • I saw heaven and God 8 years ago when I passed for 30 mine. I saw a big blur that talked to me said I wasn’t all the way dead go back to earth and heal in his name

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