Heaven at the Airport

I was already decompressing.  I sent my final message to Elaine, then shut down my phone.  I told her to read the note I left on my pillow as I quietly left earlier that morning.  Each year, when cabin fever reaches its peak, I pack up my fly fishing gear to assault the saltwater.  Dressed in my ratty old fraying Orvis jacket and Khaki pants, I tried my very best to become invisible.  Oh to be off the grid!

My invisible cloak dissolved when I saw the young woman in the photo above standing in line, waiting to board a plane.  She and her family were heading out for a spring break vacation. The young woman was “shining.” She had her back toward me but was still luminescent.  Now I know that sounds weird, but welcome to being an ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven. My internal conversation went something like this: “Really Lord, here, in the middle of the concourse?  Look at me, I look like a vagrant!” Then it got really weird. I stepped forward, touching her shoulder. She turned around and I saw the kind of beauty Esther must have radiated. And I had a burst of compassion for her.  A bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven arrived.

I introduced myself and gave her a business card—the only one I had.  I suggested she review my website with her parents, and if something resonated to look me up.

Everything we do here is rooted in whole life, deep change, transformational soul work.

Brittany and her parents contacted me a month later and began the process of building a relationship.  I am writing about Brittany to let you know what happens when people turn their faces toward the Father.  Look closely at the photo above. Do you notice something special about her? She has an almost perfectly symmetrical face and features. This is a woman perfectly suited for the cosmetics and fashion industry.  But regardless of outside appearances, it is what I discerned inside of her that made her radiant. The soul of people is what makes for lasting beauty, which doesn’t fade with the passing of time.

As I’ve developed a relationship with Brittany and her folks, I’ve discerned that my role in serving Brittany is to help her be well grounded, both in faith and in the deployment of her gifts and talents, in order to better serve the One who gave them to her in the first place. Think back to the story of Esther.  Was there a person in her life divinely directed to assist her to become who she was destined to become? It seemed as though the Father was encouraging a relationship to be built so He could develop Brittany in the ways He has planned out for her. He is a loving Father.

All this from a vagrant-attired vacationer stepping forward to engage a shining young woman in an airport concourse.  The Kingdom of Heaven is closer than we think and everyone can experience it repeatedly, and should. Who knows, the next time you see Brittany’s face it may be on the cover of a fashion magazine; and who gets the credit? Our Father God!

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