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Steven musick Teachings Image of DawnA year ago, a woman saw an interview of me on television. The host was asking me about bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven. The woman proceeded to google search my name and invested half a day on my website reviewing all of my content. She bought a copy of Life After Heaven and took it with her on her next airplane ride. Long flights are quite regular for this woman as she frequently leads meetings in Sub-Saharan Africa for a non-profit ministry. As she read my book for the third time on the flight, she realized the bubbles I talked about in the book were more present in her work overseas than here at home. When she returned from Africa, she made contact through our forms and we arranged a time to visit.
Why do bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven appear to be more prevalent overseas than here at home?

Here is an excerpt from Life After Heaven on my experience in Colombia:
“For years Elaine and I have sponsored children through Compassion International. In 2007 I was invited to be part of a vision trip to Colombia. Part of my background in international economics is in the area of economic development. Part of my work there was to help create multilateral, multi-layered financial architecture which would, in turn, provide for deep sustainable development. I was thankful that my schooling and experience might benefit others. Little did I know I was the one about to get a real education!

Part of the trip was to travel from the developed city center of Cartagena to one of the Compassion centers for development located within the barrio. A small group of us were invited into the Cardenas home—a family sponsored by Compassion. Despite its location in the middle of the barrio, the Cardenas’ home was one of the nicer places to live. The Cardenas home was fortunate to have electricity. A makeshift wire snaked around the corner of the roof, down the wall to a light bulb socket with a dim incandescent light bulb. Below the light bulb was an improvised table where a worn Bible sat open. I got a little weak in the knees—not from the stench of local sewage outside, but from the bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven now forming inside—so I staggered to sit on the bed in the room.

I pointed to the open Bible and through the translator, Mr. Cardenas said, “Every morning before sunrise I get up, turn on the light, and read God’s Word. I am so blessed to have light to read by. We have three locations within the barrio where we laborers can go to be selected for work, so I ask God where I should go. I get there early. Sometimes I get work; sometimes not. Sometimes I get good work. When that happens we have extra to share with our community. Many here are not as well off as we are. God provides us what we need. You are part of that provision.”

The bubble of Heaven popped as we stepped back out into the street. Somehow the stench wasn’t as bad now. Looking back, I wondered if the Cardenas family lived in a bubble of Heaven routinely. The Kingdom of Heaven in a barrio of Colombia; who would have thought?

I wrote in my journal on the flight back: I wonder how the Father in Heaven defines poverty. Is it possible the Cardenas family is actually rich and I am the poor one in God’s eyes? Why do I worry about the next business transaction when I could just as easily sit in a womb room and be guided by a loving Father into discovering my vocation?”

So it appears that bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven are more frequent and more powerful overseas than they are here at home.
Do you agree?

If a woman leading conferences in Africa and a man working in the barrios of Colombia both have the same revelation of God’s presence what does that mean? Makes one wonder about the culture of our home country, doesn’t it?

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