This Facet of the Kingdom of Heaven is a Key to Complete Health

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Discovering the Kingdom of Heaven within our emotions seems logical, but in fact, it is just the opposite. I was interviewing someone last week concerning our cyber work. Everything we do here is relationship oriented, so we don’t just retain web designers, we interview the people first to get to know them. During the interview, I asked a feeling question, which was answered with a logical response. When I asked the same question again, with some direct narrative on what had just happened, the person got very uncomfortable and changed the subject altogether.

I had asked the person which of their life activities made them feel most fulfilled. I ask a version of this question to everyone I interview, in order to better understand how the person is wired and to help me connect to them better in future work environments.

What I have learned, is that we have developed sophisticated mechanisms designed to protect the very core of our emotional selves. It makes complete sense, considering our current culture, to have all the defense barriers built up. I think of these as the cocoons we build in order to ensure our safety and development. With all of these defenses up, however, we easily find ourselves at a loss in determining how to respond to emotional circumstances.

When I say the word “intimacy,” what picture forms in your mind—and where do your emotions go as a follow-up to that imagery?
In many of my experiences, bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now bring powerful emotion. It would seem that the Father works to break through these layers of defenses we have built in order to extend His love and care to people. The aftermath of encounters with the Kingdom leaves people in the very unusual place of pure joy with total freedom. If we experience freedom through Kingdom spurred emotions, then it would also seem that the layers of defenses we’ve created for safety have actually been a quiet incarceration all along.
We have become too used to the comforts of emotional jail.

The emotional facet of the Kingdom of Heaven teaches people how to remove layer after layer of their emotional security and replace it with the kind of freedom created by Heaven. The closer we get to Heaven, and the more encounters with bubbles of Heaven we have, the less we need artificial structures for protection.

The Spirit of the Lord is protection enough for every person, and emotional health is the result.
How much is physical health connected to our souls? I am guessing a majority of the maladies today are rooted in emotional diseases.
Are you ready to unlock the cell door of the emotional jail you have built? If your answer is, “There is no jail cell. I am completely sound in my emotional make-up,” then look deeply at the pictures here. Do they move you? If not, you may be in a jail cell so well-built you don’t even notice it.


  • Hi Steve, Captain Kirk! Maybe you remember me from some comments about your book i read last year. Anyways, after reading the last few blogs i thought i would tell you a short story about what I witnessed. I volunteer with an Org. Called HEART! We are a local emergency and national disaster relieve ministry sprung from Hosanna Lutheran church in Lakeville mn. To make a long story short, i was down in Vidor Texas last week
    8teens and 10 adults were rebuilding homes because of the hurricane Harvey from 10 months ago. The town outside of Houston is still in devastation and they are getting virtually no help! As our team worked on two homes we prayed and helped transform two families as we have done many times since Harvey hit last Sept.
    But the really cool thing is seeing the young people taking the lead on not only re building but on prayer for others in distress. Their lives have been changed by serving with plans to go back again! And to increase serving locally. You think there were bubbles down there! OMG, they were all over! And one healing as well! Bringing the young to Christ is so rewarding, words cannot express what us adults felt! Bringing the lost back to Christ is even more rewarding. One man we helped who was lost said at two different times “my faith in God is restored” and when he saw what the teens we doing to help, he said “you have now restored my faith in humanity” so I believe, never take serving for granted, you just never know what will become of it.

    Anyways, i just wanted you to hear what i am seeing. With Gods grace, I will be there for many more!

    Have a blessed day!

    • Kirk! What a beautiful testament to the power of Christ! Thank you for sharing. It’s true that building up the youth is particularly rewarding.

  • Honestly, I think, because of life experiences, there are very few people who are not prisoners to some kind of emotional jail. That being said, I have known at least one person in my life who never spent time there. I wish everyone could have that kind of emotional security. Thank you (again) for sharing these insights and examples. Sincerely, Margaret

    • It is indeed difficult to go through life without being desensitized and therefore captured in an emotional jail. I’m glad you know someone who is free! I encourage you to stick close to them and emulate their freedom as much s possible!

      Blessings as always!

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