Experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven Within Your Work Spaces

Experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven Within Your Work Spaces - Featured Image

If the Kingdom of Heaven is closer than we think, then perhaps it resides within our workplaces as well.

As a financial adviser and owner of an independent company, Destiny Capital, I make every effort to create a Kingdom of Heaven culture within our work environment. It is our goal that each person who interacts with us has an opportunity to experience the Kingdom of Heaven. This is part of being available and volunteering to be of service to other people. We are always prepared—anticipating something the Father might do. Often, it’s business as usual, however, sometimes the Father provides us with a perfect opportunity to share His love.

One week, the son of an existing client came in for an introductory meeting. He and his wife were going through a vocational transition and wanted to understand how we work with people going through that kind of change. It was strictly a business meeting—or so I thought. While making my presentation about our services, I talked about managing through transitions. One of the examples I gave was talking about the transition through trauma. I used a true story, telling about how we are not supposed to outlive our children. Managing through that kind of trauma is excruciating. I shared that, as a financial advisory team, we surround people during times like these to simply be present. To us, it’s part of being a comprehensive company, maybe even a Kingdom-oriented one.

A surprise bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven ignited and expanded to fill the conference room. The story I had just told struck an emotional chord with this young couple. They were still carrying something very deep and emotional that the Father wanted to further develop and process within their souls. While we were still intentional with the business at hand, the Father had another agenda. His agenda is always more important than ours.

So now we are on an excursion with this young couple to continue what the bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven has started. The Kingdom of Heaven was experienced as a bubble in a conference room of a business. We will follow wherever the relationship leads. If we think about our vocations as an extension of the Kingdom of Heaven, it puts us in a position to really add value to people’s lives.

Now think about your world of work. What would occur if you were to invite the Kingdom of Heaven to reign in your spaces? What would happen if you turned over your vocational pursuits to operate as if the work you were doing was unto the Lord? Do you believe you would encounter a bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven within your workspaces? Experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth changes lives!


  • I am a shuttle driver for an automotive repair shop. As I ask God to make me aware of the needs of my passengers , it is amazing how many times bubbles of heaven invade my SUV! I believe God can’t wait to meet us in our workplace!

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences, Steve! It’s true that when you make yourself available for Kingdom work, God will definitely use you, no matter what work environment you’re in!

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