Experiencing a Practical Bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven

Experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven Within Your Work Spaces - Featured Image

This blog was really easy to write, not all of them are. Bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven are often unexpected; the one described here was certainly a surprise.

For this story, I’d like to introduce one of the most engaging people I have ever known. Sharri walked into the offices of Destiny Capital a few years ago and since then, the entire organization has been changed for the better. She is the manager of first impressions, running the entire front of our enterprise. She is the ultimate receiver of people and accommodator of new relationships. She helps our company extend our culture of professional patience well beyond the front desk. She is a gift, and if you call to schedule a meeting, Sharri will be the person engaging with you and managing all the calendar activity for the organization.

Experiencing a Practical Bubble of the Kingdom of HeavenOne day we were in a management meeting reviewing the compensation for everyone on our staff. This is a regular task designed to keep our company competitive with our very vibrant Denver market. We believe a company’s job is to develop people and then earn the right to keep them with competitive wages and benefits as well as a compelling culture. When it came to Sharri, I noticed she was not maximizing her retirement planning contributions. Since we match her contributions, she essentially was leaving money on the table every pay period. And her contribution had declined recently. I made a mental note.

I pulled Sharri aside and asked about why she had reduced her contributions. She said an unexpected medical bill had cropped up last winter when she slipped on a patch of ice requiring a hospital visit and follow-up care, both of which hit her deductible. She was making payments directly to the hospital. I asked her for a copy of her bill and took the invoice home to Elaine. Through prayerful discussion together, Elaine and I decided to cover her hospital bill through a fund we created for just these kinds of events. This is a practical expression of being a Christ follower.

When I sat with Sharri to tell her what procedures we needed to take to settle her invoice she simply teared up and somehow lost her voice, something difficult to do for a communications expert to do. I hugged her saying welcome to Heaven. She has been instrumental in the management of my calendar with the responsibilities of my regular work and the new duties of being a published author and speaker. She had read the book as many of you have but still had not internalized the central idea. The Kingdom of Heaven is closer than we think! Ask Sharri; she can now tell you without a shadow of a doubt, Heaven can be experienced daily and practically by anyone, even you!


  • What a wonderful Gift to Sharri and a wonderful gift to share. So, If I understand this and the other blogs, common (and I say common because I thankfully, I experience these almost daily) acts of kindness by people are considered “Bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven? That makes sense when you speak of the Kingdom of Heaven being closer than we think. I believe that all of us are Children of God, and when delivered here, embody unconditional love and kindness. Sadly, some of that Love and Kindness gets lost as we grow in the world of our surroundings. Thankfully, the soul never forgets, ergo Bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Thank you for sharing, these blogs always inspire me to be better.

    • Margaret, this is wonderful insight! Yes, the very essence of Christ is love; and love is found in its purest form in Heaven. So when we experience true, selfless love here on Earth, that is from the Father and it is a glimpse, or “bubble”, into life in Heaven. Thank you for sharing! I love hearing how the Lord inspires such reflection and change!

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