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Welcome to the “event” expression of our life story. This page is dedicated to the teaching and training of our life message. Our life message is the Kingdom of Heaven is closer than we think and everyone can experience it repeatedly. The book we wrote, Life After Heaven, the 52 BLOG articles contained in the resources BLOG section of this electronic expression of our work, give you some sense of our position when teaching and training.

Until I return to Heaven, this time to stay forever, I will teach and train people how to experience the Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now. Our teaching and training is built upon sound biblical content. We also bring a lifetime of actual real life experience to the subject. We call this element of our work an experience event. We teach with the intention of educating people on the sound knowledge of information but we go further to help people actually experience what the Kingdom of Heaven is like in our midst.

I was teaching a group of business people about experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven in a vocational setting when one rather uncomfortable person interjected, “you have an unfair advantage over all of us…none of us have been to Heaven like you…”

My chin hit my chest. This is a difficult subject to receive. I invested the next half hour with these executives building a case for what we have been doing since 1976. This is a LEARNED truth. You do not have to have a near death experience to experience the Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now. Everyone can… simple… period!

So, we have designed an event for Christian organizations to teach and train people how to experience the Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now. It is a six part series over two plus days. Our format is often Thursday afternoons, all day Friday and then Saturday until noon. We have a backbone of content but then customize each experience event to meet the specific needs of each organization. An e-mail to me, Steven Musick, will get the relationship building process started. We look forward to conversations.

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God’s work in our world is something far greater than merely getting people to heaven; it is bringing heaven to earth.

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