Capturing Kingdom Time

Recently I sequestered some time away to “assault the salt,” and go fly-fishing. The place where I go hunting the ghost is so far off the grid, it takes two jet plane rides, a puddle jumper, and then a panga boat to get to the base camp. Each day we then take another boat ride to get to the prime spot for fishing. For five days, my friend and I were cut off from the world, simply checked out from life.

Elaine was happy at home getting some solo quiet time to complete several projects she has been working on. My office staff grinned widely, knowing they too could become project-oriented and get several tasks checked off their lists.

The different pace of time within the third world community we encountered surprised me and made me realize how content the people who live there were; even though most of them lived on less than three dollars a day. The contrast of service and culture between here and home gave me pause. Can the Kingdom of Heaven routinely reside inside these kinds of communities? Was this little fishing village something like Caesarea during Jesus’ time on earth?

My grandfather, George Musick told me once while we were both sitting by the fireplace, “God doesn’t remove time from a person’s life spent fishing.” So according to him, I lost no time at all during that rejuvenating week!

Where do you go to capture time? What is required for you to power down, operating at a totally different pace? Where can you go to get off the grid? Do you believe you could encounter the Kingdom of Heaven when you make a choice to intentionally get out of the breakneck pace of our current culture?

Jesus said the day and the hour of his return are unknown, even by him. Only the Father knows. What a relief! One less thing to stress over concerning time!

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