Pure Joy

For years we shared season tickets to our local professional hockey team the Colorado Avalanche. The people we split the seasons with were long time clients. Dan was with the Denver Police department providing security for the Pepsi Center home ice arena. It was the final game of the season between the New Jersey Devils and the Colorado Avalanche at our home arena. Game seven in the final playoffs, the winner would go home champions. We were prepared to watch this exciting event from the comforts of our home living room as Dan and his wife Nyla had the tickets for that game, but a last minute call from Dan explaining he had to work that night, and therefore wouldn’t be able to use the tickets, gave us the opportunity of a lifetime!  

The place was packed and literally shaking from the first puck drop to the final horn. I’ll never forget when the captain of the Colorado Avalanche hoisted the legendary cup in final victory. While it is typical for the team captain to hoist the cup and give it a kiss in victory well deserved, captain Joe Sakic showed unusual humility, and instead handed the cup to the grizzled veteran Ray Bourque who had played his entire career with the Boston Bruins without ever hoisting the cup. Boston traded Bourque in the twilight of his career to the Avalanche hoping to help him achieve his dream of winning the Cup; an unusual move in the competitive business of professional sports.

Elaine and I simply sat down basking inside the bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven. Sometimes events occur which are so much like the place I had been, it captivates our souls with pure and lasting JOY!

What made the game ending even more powerful was the back-story of how Ray Bourque got to that point: the generosity of the Boston Bruins to trade Bourque to a more competitive team, the determination and perseverance of Bourque to play two years with the Avalanche before finally realizing his dream, the humility of Joe Sakic to forego the honor he had earned to allow Bourque to bask in the limelight, and understanding that the humility of Sakic came from his Christian background.  

Sakic fully broadcasted what real humility looks like; the kind of humility we see evidenced by Jesus in the accounts of the Bible.

The emotion of pure Joy! When was the last time you partook in an experience that brought you such an emotion? Could it have been a bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven and you just didn’t know it? Relive that moment right now; does the emotion of the event last? That might give you your answer.

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