Bubbles Through Seclusion

Despite best laid plans, the last three weeks required me to work twenty one straight days! A perfect storm of events virtually drained my batteries to the point of inability to function. As an introvert by nature, doing extroverted tasks without restoration is an invitation to disaster. The longer the period between restoration events the less effective I become. My beloved Elaine, also an introvert, began to suffer because I was “way cooked” and she feels what I am going through. In a word, I became a wretch. Desperate for a restoration experience, I carved out day twenty two to go assault the salt.

This is where I go to recharge. Every time I come to this kind of place high up in the Colorado mountains I experience a Bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven. As far as time, there just simply isn’t any in these mountains. I can be there for three hours and then grab for my phone to take a photo of a trout before releasing it, utterly amazed at the time displayed. Seems like I just arrived! Here, time seems to slow down to the point where it just really doesn’t matter. Let the restoration begin!

After all these years, I have learned the rhythms of faith. I never come here expecting to experience the Kingdom of Heaven but nonetheless, I anticipate to receive what God in His sovereignty might dispense.

The Father knows the desperation in my soul for solitude.

Maybe this is Heaven. Maybe this is an aspect of Heaven we yearn to experience yet somehow it evades us. Maybe this is the peace that surpasses all understanding.

The Bubble of Heaven arrived with the landing of the first fish. Catch and release: go back, grow bigger! The weather crawled over the continental divide, gathering steam over four hours and then like an avalanche, headed right for me into this pristine valley. I reached my car in the parking lot just before the rain let loose.

Looking west, I could see the snow coming. Going to be an early winter! There is a certain rhythm to weather, seasons, and nature. Just by being immersed within it, I myself am drawn into a closer relationship with the One who created it all in the first place. Maybe God is more present at 9,000 feet above sea level in mountain wilderness. It sure seems that way for me.

Is there a place where you can go to experience Bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven which restore a weary you? Write us about your Kingdom places. The Kingdom of Heaven is closer than you think and frankly, we all need to experience it regularly—regularly enough for a full recharge.


  • I’m a flyfisherman too, so I got a little whispery bubble just reading this entry. Nature bubbles always welcome by this non-skier as winter begins setting in. Thanks!

  • LOVE your book!! I’m reading it slowly to let the scope of it sink in! Now I’m going to try & pay attention to those ‘Bubbles of Heaven’, such an eye opener!

    • Thank you JoAnn for your kind words. I am so glad the Lord is impacting you through me!


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