Bubbles of Heaven Bring Security

During my “Womb Room” times, I am currently taking a tour through the minor prophets. My process is to rewrite the scripture verse in green and then next to it write what I am thinking about in blue. I then invest more time to think about both of those and if something piques my interest I write those in black.

As I read through Micah 5 this morning, it is clear that this is a prophetic word about the coming of Christ some 700 years before it came to pass. As the media coverage and the publicity surrounding the book became more pronounced, many people have begun to ask questions about the second coming of Christ. Let me state first and foremost that Christ is indeed alive and will indeed return again to set all things right in this world.  

I read Micah today and marveled at how accurate he was in the prediction of the first coming of Christ, and I wonder if he wasn’t describing the second coming at the same time. In fact, as I read through the fifth chapter of Micah, I notice the word “secure” is emphasized highly. Makes me wonder if security is a precursor to the second coming? When I encounter bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven in my own life I have a profound sense of security.

Makes me wonder what the counterforce to security is. Could terrorism be part of the current battle to make us insecure; and thereby postponing the second coming? Lots to think about!

These are a lot of questions concerning the second coming, and through them all, I have two very important answers: First, no one knows when the second coming will occur, period! Second, and this will rankle some a bit, I don’t really care about the second coming. Honestly, I am still experiencing the presence of Jesus from the first coming with each new bubble I encounter! I am hopeful that, since you have read this far along, you too will also have a renewed sense of security about life as you experience the Kingdom of Heaven within bubbles as well!

If you haven’t experienced a bubble yet, that is ok! Keep reading, keep learning, and keep anticipating the Kingdom of Heaven to bubble around you. It is closer than you think.

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