Bubbles Don’t Open by Accident

Bubbles Don't Open by Accident - Christian Author Steven Musick

Though I am Steve’s son, like most of you, I only read my dad’s book when it came out. I paid special attention to the section regarding bubbles of Heaven. This section made me wonder how many bubbles I had taken advantage of in my own life and how many I had missed because I was not spiritually aware. With all this in mind, I went to work—I have been a professional photographer for several years now. It was a Saturday and I was doing portraits for a church directory at a small church north of Denver. On the schedule for my first appointment, I had the person coordinating the pictures, her husband, her two daughters, and their families.

Within this group was an engaged couple, due to be married in a few months. I asked them if they had done an engagement photo session yet, to which they said they hadn’t. I decided to correct that and did a full engagement session that very day. After the session, we viewed the photos together and they loved them. I created a photo package they could buy that had three of their favorite photos, ready to display for the wedding. The couple expressed their love for the package but lamented they just didn’t have the ability to pay for it.

As they spoke about their regret, something felt…different. Time slowed, and I felt a small ethereal tap on my shoulder as if someone was telling me, “pay attention.” We completed the viewing sessions for the rest of the family and I still did not feel great. After the family had gone, I reviewed all of the photos for the day. When I pulled up the couple’s shoot, I finally knew what I had to do. I called the couple back to the church and told them I was buying the package for them, as a wedding gift.

The words left my mouth and the bride-to-be started to tear up. She looked at me, tears falling down her cheeks, and simply said, “thank you.” That was oddly echoed by a voice inside my head and another invisible tap on the shoulder. I realized that I was existing in a bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Once the moment passed, I continued on with my day, setting up more photo sessions for the rest of the congregation. I thought the moment had ended but little did I know, it was just the beginning. Later in the day, on a break from photography, I ran into the coordinator—the bride’s mother—and she filled me in on everything I did not know. The groom had a daughter from a previous marriage, a daughter that the bride adored. Unfortunately, the ex-wife of the groom was making things tough. She wanted to keep her daughter away from the bride, whatever the cost. In fact, the daughter was supposed to be in the session, but the mother forbade it. The coordinator told me that her daughter—the bride—was putting all her money into court battles and the wedding. She thanked me once again for what I did and told me, “you have no idea how much she needed that.”

Bubbles of Heaven are everywhere, they open up all the time. We, as Children of God, need to be open to receive them and carry out His will. Bubbles do not open by accident, and they are not arbitrary. They open for those in moments of great need.


  • What a sincerely good story about being open to bubbles of Heaven. Like father…like son…I like that!!!

  • I love this story and message. My 2 grandchildren have both had engagement photos taken, so I know how special they are, and how much they mean and are treasured by the couple.

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