About Steven Musick

Relive one man’s incredible experience of heaven and learn how to live in God’s presence and power in your own life right now.

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Steven Musick

A deadly medical mistake sent Steven Musick into the presence of Jesus in heaven and he returned forever changed from his experience. He began to see with new eyes what the Kingdom of Heaven is really like as it began to burst out around him in “bubbles of heaven”. These bubbles were a small reminder of what heaven was like. He learned to sense when heaven was about to show up in situations and to anticipate such moments.

Steven’s life message is that the Kingdom of Heaven is much closer than we’ve been led to believe. God’s work in our world is something far greater than merely getting people to heaven; it is bringing heaven to earth. My Story, “Life After Heaven”, will be coming to a theater near you.

We can learn how to live in God’s presence and power today.

It’s Time for a Transition

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“I have interviewed many that have gone to heaven and returned because God was not finished with them on earth, but Steven Musick exudes the highest credibility of anyone I have ever interviewed on this subject. When you read this incredible revelation, I’m sure you will agree.”

Sid Israel Roth
Host, Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural

Belief Statements

Steven’s orthodox roots will be showing here in that the Nicene Creed embodies the fundamental basis for his personal statement of faith. His experience of the Kingdom of Heaven has also lead him to incorporate many other aspects of faith into his soul.

Steven believes:

  • I am an irrevocable heir to the Kingdom of Heaven through intimate relationship with the Triune God.
  • The Father God always has the last and lasting word.
  • In spite of current events the Father is good.
  • The adversary, Satan and all his minions are alive and well, not vanquished on this earth… yet!
  • Spirit and Faith are freeing and releasing.
  • All of the words of God contained within the Holy Bible are the sovereign basis for creating and expanding relationship with God.
  • The full canon of scripture is not a complete finished work. Men and Women of faith are continuing to add to the conversations contained within the Bible as they go about experiencing the relationships being offered through Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now.
  • Religion is confining and limiting.

More on Steven

Steven Musick is the founder of the investment management firm, Destiny Capital. Since 1977, Steven has been in the profession of managing family wealth and has nurtured Destiny Capital from a one-man operation to the comprehensive firm it is today. Additionally, Musick has three master’s degrees. Two from the American College: Management and Financial Services, and one from the University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies in Global Studies.